• Elizabeth Middleton


​Some people are good at being handy around the house. We're not. I can tighten a loose cupboard hinge, clean a clogged dishwasher and even assemble Ikea furniture. My husband may have an MBA with distinctions and manage a multi million dollar consulting business, but he's not so good at changing lightbulbs or adding salt to the water softener.

For our convenience or more due to our laziness, we've outsourced the management of our home to Butlers Inc. Dave Joose is the proprietor and his son, Dan form this unbelivebly handy team of two.

They schedule and supervise monthly visits across everything from changing the filters in our refrigerator, to annual cleaning of the ducts, furnace, and fireplaces. They have tightened all the door handles, repaired fallen curtain rods, prepped our patio for summer and even sprayed for wasps. I cannot sing their praises more than saying that my husband and I fondly call Dave, 'my other husband'.


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