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Calgarians really love their weekend brunches, and Monki Breakfast Club and Bistro is a favourite spot for many. But if you don't want to wait 45 minutes or more for a table on a Sunday morning in the cold, the best time to have a quiet indulgent breakfast is during the week.

And that's what this couple decided today. A mid-week indulgence on a work-from-home day.

Arriving around 9.15am, there were plenty of open tables without any wait time to be seated. Hot coffees came quickly and we put in our orders for Egg Bennies.

Fresh baby spinach and roasted red pepper ($14) for me and smoked salmon, asparagus, and fried capers ($15) for Rosscoe. Instead of the traditional English muffins, Monki bases their Bennies on a lighter gluten free biscuit.

Both are served with their house hash, seasoned fried potatoes, along with a fresh fruit cup, with that curious Physalis fruit I've only seen in Canada. Monki also has a crazy collection of hot sauces. We asked for the server's favourite and she presented us with one that had some mustard and vinegar flavours. Monki also happens to have a liquor license; Blueberry Mimosas were on special today.

It's a small and cozy space, but consistently fresh and tasty food. They don't take reservations, so either go during the week like we did, or be prepared to wait and wait if you want a weekend table.

Address: 1301 10th Ave, SW (corner of 12th street SW)

Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 8am-3pm; Sunday 9am-3pm; closed Mondays


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