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An assignment with Montecristo magazine usually entails a unique destination and an enviable experience.

I was more than excited to fly south to San Diego and join other media for a driving tour in Porsche's latest hybrids.

Taking the driver’s seat in a fully optioned Cayenne S E-Hybrid is immediately comfortable. The full glass panoramic roof system, which is available as an option, gave a sense of spaciousness, and the usual luxury amenities ensure a first-class experience.

With full morning sunlight and a GPS programmed for a lunch destination, the three-hour driving tour started in the city, on the electric motor. The cabin gave a quiet ride and the responsiveness was immediate both on pedal and brakes. Once on the freeway, the vehicle switched seamlessly to gas power; delight came in the form of watching the electric battery recharge itself after about 25 minutes of driving. Heading onto the Sunrise Highway, the Porsche’s agility and responsiveness were finally tested on the corkscrew turns.

Montecristo Magazine, Summer Issue, 2015

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