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The media event for the all new 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor was perfect for me to bring along my good friend Angela. Not a normal girls' night out for us, but Angela is an owner/driver of a Ford pickup truck, a 2011 F-150 FX4 to be exact. She's also a successful sales manager for an international wine company, and regularly travels around Canada, Napa Valley, and Europe for work. Here in Calgary, there are a lot of Ford trucks on the road with the F-Series achieving 50 straight years as Canada’s favourite pickup. It also happens to be Canada’s best-selling vehicle for the last six years in a row.

Usually when I look to see who's driving a truck, there is an outdoorsy looking bearded guy with a baseball cap. Angela isn't a typical Ford truck owner/driver, but I like to think she's a thoroughly modern woman in Calgary.

And that's why I brought her along to the media preview of the newest Ford F-Series trucks held under a big tent at COP. You can now see these beauties and many more at the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show (March 9-13th).

Tell us about you. My life is a pretty good one. I am single, independent, successful in my career, own my own house, and have lots of freedom to explore life. I have stayed true to my childhood roots and love the Alberta back country and going out camping, quadding, hiking or snowboarding equally to the balanced life of enjoying the heart of the city at a good restaurant and nice glass of wine with friends. I spend a lot of time with family (biological and ones I just consider that close) and have always enjoyed animals to which a lovely Border Collie/Catahoula cross now occupies a good part of my day as well.

Why trucks? The truck is something that matches my personality. Its sporty, a little on the pretty side, and I love the look on people’s faces when a petite 5.4’ gal steps out of it in a dress and pair of heels. Being smaller, the ride is amazing as I sit high and that makes me feel safe when on highways driving for work or out to family. I feel like there are very little hurdles on doing what I want to do as it accommodates everything.

When did you start driving Ford trucks? Since I was 16, all my driving life. My first truck was 1992 Ford Ranger, single Cab, Standard – no options except AC, but I loved it and it never let me down. I was always a truck girl, or maybe more like a Daddy’s girl and he always had a Ford Truck so there wasn’t a lot of thought that was needed. When it was time to drive, it was a truck I wanted and there was no other brand in my mind, Ford was it. We were always the outdoorsy family so trucks fit the lifestyle…plus, not sure Dad would have loaned me the money for any other maker.

What do you drive now? The truck I have now (2011 F-150 FX4) is my go-to for everything. It has more room in the back seat than any SUV I have been in, or other truck at the time of purchase for that matter, and it can carry all the things. I load Quads, snowboards, bikes, and all my camping gear or haul a trailer when needed. Alternatively, it allows me the freedom to buy that piece of furniture when I have a weak moment at Home Sense, or when I just want to haul stuff away in spring cleaning mode. It also is perfect for anyone with a dog. The back seat floor is completely flat and that makes all the difference in the world for a bigger dog who can ride in comfort as well without that annoying bump in the middle. The flat floor is convenient for moving bigger items inside the cab as well on days where you don’t have the best weather or you want to protect something a little more, like the cases of wine I often have for work events. It seems so simple, but makes life so much easier. The truck gives me all the luxury of an SUV inside, with all the independence to do whatever I need without calling a friend or Dad to arrange a time to help. It’s a little piece of freedom and it looks good to boot!

Why Ford? I feel that Ford really stepped it up in 2011 when they came out with the V6 Ecoboost F 150. It was a V6 that is easy on gas but I didn’t have to sacrifice power, towing or payload for it. When growing up, it was always said that Ford was a work truck and Chevy has a nicer ride if you were using it more for cruising around. Well, that was no longer the case as Ford has come a long way and their interiors are easy and comfortable whether you are a big guy or a petite gal. I loved how much room it had in the cab and the flat floor in the back wasn’t a feature I thought of then, but it would be hard to give up now.

I'm really excited about the new new F-150 Raptor, with even better features such as the moon roof and the Pro-trailer back up assist.

A very special thank you to Angela for coming along with me to the Ford event and teaching me a few things about trucks. Look out for the blonde driving her royal blue F-150 in Calgary, she's probably on her way to a major adventure!


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