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Uber it to Stampede

Now with Uber in town, getting to the Stampede grounds is a lot easier. From 4pm to 3am, throughout the Stampede, a designated Uber + Budweiser rider lounge is across the street from the Cowboys Casino.

The Uber lounge has phone charging stations, clean bathrooms, seating areas, free water, and music. Plus, you can sample Budweiser’s new non-alcoholic Prohibition beer throughout the lounge.

The Uber Zone is located across the street from Stampede Park. So when it’s time to head out, you can request your ride from inside the lounge and easily meet your driver. Just exit the tent from 11th Avenue SE to meet your driver at the corner of 11th Avenue SE and 3rd Street SE when they arrive.

Please note that Uber adds a fee of $1.50 to your ride when you’re dropped off in the Uber Zone, and $2.25 when you’re picked up.

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