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Dressing for work

Dressing for the office is an extension of your personal style; be authentic, and be yourself. A well put together look at the office will give you the confidence to take on more responsibilities, knock that client pitch out of the park, and set yourself up for the promotion (or acquisition) you have worked so hard for.

In my fifteen plus years in corporate, I take the approach to balance a feminine style with a smart edge, because being taken seriously is the most important. And don't underestimate comfort.

To kick off our series, #bossbabe, here are our first office looks for Fall 2017.

Links to shop each piece (Top, left to right)

Victoria, Victoria Beckham - Striped Satin-twill Wide-leg Pants

Office look inspiration

Links to shop each piece (Top, left to right)

Vanessa Bruno - Habby Leather Skirt

Keep an eye out for future #bossbabe blog posts, I'll be covering ideas for straightforward top and pant looks, the interview outfit, Friday casual, the black suit, packing for a work trip, dressing for the big presentation, teacher style, media meet and greets, realtor style, and law office looks.


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