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We travelled to Iceland in February, mainly for the prospect of seeing the Northern Lights. It happened to be a work trip for my husband, and spouses were invited. In only a few days we managed to indulge in the giant Blue Lagoon, toured on quads across frozen lava fields, walked on black sand beaches, hiked through ice caves, and ate the best hot dogs ever. Actually food was quite delicious everywhere, food pictures below our adventure pictures.

Some Iceland facts. 320K population, three million tourists annually, settled in 874 A.D. by Norwegians, Iceland is one of the the world's oldest democracies (930 A.D.). There is a volcanic eruption about every four years, there are no forests, 85% of energy is renewable, and more than half is generated from geothermal. Streets and sidewalks are heated by geothermal, thus no need for salting, there is no military. 60% of the world's population of Puffins live in Iceland, and they're also on menus. In winter, the shortest day of sun is four hours, and the longest day of sun in summer is 21 hours.

We can't wait to get back to Iceland, it's only a four hour flight from Toronto.

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