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Frida Kahlo comes to Calgary

Friday night with Frida Kahlo, one of our President's Circle membership perks with The Glenbow Museum gets us first access and private tours of their latest exhibits. Starting off with cocktails and canapés, then we toured around the exhibit which chronicled her incredible life. And I learned that Diego, her husband was a big asshole. The exhibit is on Feb 3 - May 21, 2018.

"Frida Kahlo’s distinctive, colourful self-portraits and extraordinary life have made her one of the most recognized artists of the twentieth century. Less well known is her special relationship with photography. Throughout her life, Kahlo meticulously collected photographs of herself and her loved ones as well as scenes of Mexican culture, politics, art, history and nature. The exhibition Frida Kahlo: Her Photos gives us the opportunity to better understand the woman behind the artist: her origins, her roots, her friendships and romantic relationships, her constant fight with her fragile health, her political tendencies, and the strong role that photography played in her life and work." Glenbow Museum

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