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First my disclaimer, I am not a beauty expert or a beauty blogger. I’m a forty something woman who wants her skin to be healthy and use products that smell good. For me, Chanel Beauty products work well, now. I say now, because our skin is always changing as we age.

As a teenager, I was fine doing Formula Ten-O-Six on a cotton ball. I didn’t even moisturize or do face masks back then. I didn’t have any acne or breakouts, so I figured it was good for me. In retrospect, it probably had more to do with diet. We never had a lot of sugar in our house growing up, we didn’t even have soda available unless it was a BBQ or party. Fried food and fast food was rare. So my diet was good, and my skin probably showed that. Fast forward to living on campus at Rutgers University, then later in Italy as an exchange student and I can’t even remember how I cleaned my face. I didn’t wear much makeup then, so maybe I still used a cottonball and pharmacy makeup remover. I do remember getting into perfumes then, but that was it.

Post university I started using Clinque products, the cleansing bar and the pale yellow face cream. It worked for me, again probably because I ate well and didn’t wear much makeup. When we lived in Melbourne, then New York City, and then back to Melbourne, I continued to use Clinique.

Now in these years since I turned forty, I’ve tried a lot of different lines. It’s incredibly dry in Calgary, so face cream is a necessity. For a long time I used Philosophy. Again it worked fine, and it didn’t cause any issues. Once in a while I noticed I would get milia under my eyes. Facialists told me that the creams were too rich. So I stopped using them. I gave them to our twelve year old daughter, but they made her face sting. Time for something new.

Then one day, a friend of mine, the GM of Holt Renfrew in Calgary gifted me a bag of Chanel makeup and beauty products including a Chanel hydration masque. Firstly, it smelled incredible and I loved the texture. It also gave my skin a nice glow in the morning. Then one day another friend raved about their products and I decided to try out the line. The manager Christine gave me enough trial product to last a week, and that was enough for me to get completely hooked. It made my skin clearer, smoother, and it just smelled so good that I looked forward to washing my face twice a day.

With my age and skin condition, the Chanel Sublimage line was ideal for me which includes night and day serums, and Le Creme face cream. I’m also using the Chanel Gel Pureté face cleanser, Chanel Micellaire water, Chanel Hydra Beauty masques, Chanel Gommage Microperlé scrub, and Chanel Body Excellence cream. All of these products do have a higher price than my previous brands, no arguing that. But for me, it’s a worthwhile investment, the service is unmatched, they do my event makeup and facial treatments whenever needed. It also gives me a little joy every morning and night to wash my face. Sometimes that little joy is everything.

Thank you Chanel.


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