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Dalgona coffee

Whipped up my own Dalgona Coffee and have to say it’s delicious! Basically in the time of Covid-19 isolation, this is my new Starbucks sweet coffee-fix replacement.

This recipe is for two servings. Warning, it’s very high caffeine and totally addictive. I like this as an iced drink, reminiscent of an Iced Vietnamese coffee. You could easily substitute dairy milk with oat, almond, or coconut.

I’ve received some comments where friends have added whiskey or substituted coffee for matcha powder. In that case they used egg whites to create the froth.


2 Tablespoons instant coffee (Nescafé works well, but cannot have any added ingredients like powdered milk)

2 Tablespoons white sugar

2 Tablespoons hot water

1/2 cup leftover brewed coffee (optional)


1 cup cold milk, or nut milk of your choice

Equipment needed

Hand mixer or whisk

Glass bowl

Glasses to serve


Add the instant coffee, white sugar, and hot water to a bowl. These must all be equal measurements. Whip with an electric hand mixer or whisk until texture changes to soft peaks and caramel coloured.

To assemble, add a few ice cubes to your glasses. To each glass add the milk to about 2/3 to the top. Top with a little brewed coffee (leftover from your morning pot works wellA). Then spoon on the Dalgona coffee cream.

Enjoy, this is as tasty as it looks!

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