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Pesto Eggs

It’s the latest food trend, and I decided to try it. Essentially replace the fat like butter or oil with pesto. Then add the eggs and cover, this ensures eggs steam nicely so you don’t have to flip them. This is the way I always fry an egg. The Pesto Eggs are rich tasting, and I found it needed acidity to balance the flavours. I always have some homemade pickled shallots on hand, and they worked perfectly. Top with a little crushed chili flakes too.


Shallow frying pan, non stick or seasoned cast iron

Lid to cover


Eggs (1-2 per person)

Pesto (1 TB per egg)

pickled shallots

fresh parsley

Chili Pepper flakes

Avocado Toast (smash fresh ripe avocados on choice of toast, artisan sourdough is the best)


Spread on a non-stick pan 1 TB of prepared pesto per egg. Heat until hot and starts to bubble. Add eggs, season with salt and pepper, then cover to cook. This usually only takes two minutes, but check so you don’t overcook them.

Slide the cooked eggs onto your prepared avocado toast. Top with pickled shallots or a squeeze of lemon, crushed red chili flakes and a few torn leaves of parsley.

Enjoy and feel free to tag me on IG @wherelizis

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