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Pizza night

We love a good pizza night. One of our favourites is Cibo 17th avenue, but while we can’t eat on premise, we can order hot pies or make our own with fully stocked kits.

Thanks to PARKER PR and the kind folks at Cibo, we were generously provided a pizza kit for two ($30). I chose the Wild Boar kit and the Pear and Gorgonzola. The kits came with absolutely everything and they were super generous with toppings.

Included is a tip sheet for preparing the pizza, including how to stretch out the fresh dough and how to finish it. The Wild Boar kit included wild boar bacon, fennel salami, smoked pancetta, and sausage. For the pear pizza, the pears were already skinned and sliced and also included sweet Gorgonzola chunks, runny honey, and toasted walnuts. I let the dough sit out for a few hours before I stretched it, it was super easy and fun to make. I loved making them and added my own flair, with cut fresh cherry tomatoes and a fried egg on top the of the Wild Boar pizza and some fresh arugula on top of the pear pizza.

The DIY kits are a perfect solution for a date night in, or easy way to hand off dinner responsibilities to the kids at home. For the complete menu which also includes antipasti, fresh pasta, and Mother‘s Day specials, please click here.


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