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Hexagon board game cafe

Almost every week, I find my new favourite place in Calgary. And this week I'm excited to share the recently opened Hexagon Board Game Cafe. It's the perfect place for date night, family night, or in our case, we chose Hexagon for a catchup with girlfriends.

After a brisk walk up the hill in Rideau, my two girlfriends Rima, Jan, and I went for a coffee in Kensington to warm up from the -15C temperature and headed to Hexagon Board Game Cafe. We checked-in, started a tab, and co-owner Randy Wong plated us a warm cinnamon roll, slathered with cream cheese icing made by Corbeaux bakery, along with chai lattes.

Randy also selected a couple games for us to play, because we couldn't simply play Scrabble or Monopoly. Both games were so good in fact, that we purchased them afterwards to take home. An hour of games at Hexagon is priced at $2.50 per person.

We played Bananagrams, essentially Scrabble without the long waits in between turns. Players make their own interlinking crossword, but race against the other players. The other game we played was Timeline, where the object of the game is to put the cards in correct historical order. Colour television, invention of the pencil, when the first flight took's a game that can be played across generations.

Our visit was mid-week in the late morning, which was quiet and relaxing. With great Fratello coffee and Corbeaux sandwiches pastries, it's also a haven for the young urban creative working away from the office. For more of a scene, I recommend a weekend night where groups often join together.

Hours at Hexagon are Sunday - Thursday 9am-11pm and Friday-Saturday 9.00am-1.00am. It is located on the second floor of 1140 Kensington Road NW, Calgary.

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