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Very YUM indeed, new bakery bistro on 17ave SW

Only two weeks old, YUM bakery and bistro opened quietly on January 2, 2020. It’s a bright and open space, with several booths on the side and plenty of tables with window views.

Lunching there yesterday, we absolutely loved the very Instagrammable toast board, all the breakfast favourites, and the fresh bakery treats. Situated in the old Janice Beaton spaces (unrelated), the restaurant faces 17 Ave SW, and the bakery can be entered through 16 Ave SW, just around the corner form Cafe Beano.

The YUM bistro team are also the same folks at the Calgary Farmers Market (SE), created in 2009 by owners Debbie and David. They make artisan breads and delicious desserts from scratch, every day. Their sister company, Jarred, makes fresh hand-made desserts like Saskatoon cheesecake, chocolate banana cream pie, and apple berry crisp are all sold inside the bakery store at the back of the restauant.

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